Belt Tension Meter

Belt Tension Meter
  • Mainly used in automotive belt tension measurement. Also to measure and adjust the tension of the ribbon, filament, linear, mesh and wide objects.
  • Suitable for automotive, textile chemical fiber, wire and cable, wire, plastic film, paper, printing, film and other industries
  • Can be used to measure and adjust the motor and other machinery belt tension. With four optional different units indication.
  • Use special microcomputer circuit and quartz time base to make the measurement result more precise.
  • During tension measurement and adjustment, the tension of the belt is displayed on the instrument in real time, with the indicator light and the different sounds giving the tension within or outside the set value, more convenient for the user to adjust the belt tension.
  • The instrument can automatically store upper and lower belt tension limits, measurement units and calibration results, even if the battery is turned off or removed, the data will not be lost.
  • Using ''USB data line output'' and ''RS-232 data line output'' to communicate with the PC (optional).
  • Bluetooth Bluetooth data output options (optional) Note: Tension meter inspection should meet the manufacturers requirements.

Standard accessories:
  1. Belt Tension Meter ................ 1
  2. Measuring sensor ................. 1
  3. Portable box .......................... 1
  4. Instruction Manual ................. 1

Optional accessories:
  1. RS232 or USB cable and software
  2. Bluetooth communication and software
Order Code 
Measuring Range
-02880B 0 ~ 750 N
0 ~ 120 lb
0 ~ 77 kg
0 ~ 114 Seems


Belt Tension Meter

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