Multi-Functional Anemometer

Multi-Functional Anemometer
  • Widely used in boilers, refrigeration, HVAC, ventilation ducts, environmental monitoring, data collection in nautical surveys, as well as weather forecasting, field work and fire department data collection. Not only to measure the wind speed, but also measure the air temperature, wave height, wind level, wind flow and wind direction.
  • Multi-measurement unit conversion.
  • High sensitivity and accurate measurement, the sensor uses ultra-low friction bearings.
  • Wind speed measuring handle can be separated from the fuselage, easy to measure.
  • With maximum value hold function.
  • With storage function, can store 24 sets of data.
  • Can be set to automatically shut down function (0 ~ 9 minutes adjustable).
  • USB data cable output, RS-232C data cable and software to communication with PC (optional).
  • Bluetooth ™ data output (Optional).

Standard accessories:
  1. Anemometer............... 1
  2. Measuring Sensor ..... 1
  3. Carrying case (B10) ...1
  4. Three cups of sensor .... 1
  5. Direction Pointer ........... 1

Optional Accessories:
  1. RS232 or USB cable and software
  2. Bluetooth communication and oftware
Note: The cable standard length of 1.5 meters,can be customized according to user requirements.
Order Code
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Multi-Functional Anemometer

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